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“DJ HUDD is a young brother with an old school mentality. He can beautifully blend classic hits with modern day chart toppers. His knowledge and passion for music shows through on all his mixtape. The depth he uses in music genres has an uncanny feel which always keeps the party jumping.”
                                                                                                                                                                                                                - Dylan - Corporate Party
Hudd is a very professional DJ w/a optimistic flexible personality. When problems arose at our event he stepped up w/effective solutions w/a smile on his face! He caters to his customers needs/desires... even on the fly! I will definitely work with him again!
DJ HUDD (Christian Hudnell)!! Best DJ ever!!


A month before the wedding, DJ Hudd came to meet us just to talk to us and to get to know us. Coincidentally, we’re all huge anime nerds who love hip hop and cars and we got along GREAT. He gave us a lot of insight into what to expect at a wedding that’s been highly customized and not traditional. The meeting was supposed to be short, but we ended up hanging out for over 2 hours, getting to know each other, because HE IS THAT COOL.

DJ Hudd was professional, fun, and had damn great taste in music during our wedding. He was on time, and kept the party going the entire time. He’s not a DJ that just pre-mixes things on an ipod and presses play. He also was taking requests on the spot and does a lot of cool mash ups! He also handed my husband the mic and somehow my husband was just rapping with DJ Hudd keeping the song going in the background lol. He customized the music to our tastes completely! He even made a trap remix of Gundam’s Rhythm Emotion to kick off our reception, lol.

I was looking for a very specific sound and vibe, and therefore had to interview a few Djs to find the perfect fit for me. I ended up deciding on Christian Hudnell (DJ HUDD), he had the energy and vibe that I was looking for. My guests were happy and he kept the party going all night, while genuinely having fun. Would definitely recommend!
Christian Hudnell won us over initially with his introductory video when we were selecting a DJ. He showed that he had a genuine love for music and his art. We scheduled to meet with Christian a month prior to our wedding day. He was flexible enough to meet us at a location and date of our choosing, which was great because we were from out of town. Our meeting with him went very well. The majority of the music list we had put together was leaning heavily towards just my taste in music and Christian pushed for my husband to offer up his preferences even if it did not seem like wedding material. He made it clear that his goal was to make sure the crowd was entertained and that the music reflected both of us. He showed passion for what he does, and we left that meeting feeling like we had stumbled upon a true artist rather than just any DJ.

He did an awesome job on our wedding day and our family and friends can definitely vouch for that without hesitation. He stayed true to his promise in skillfully incorporating music that spoke to both of us, and he did an amazing job reading the crowd. For a family that typically does not join in for dancing, our family and friends are still raving about how much fun they had dancing at our reception.

Highly recommend Christian Hudnell if you want someone with personality and passion and always keeps it professional!
Christian Hudnell delivered his exceptional DJ services for our campaign organization during our party’s annual statewide nominating convention. In addition to providing guests with a great selection of music and a fun atmosphere, Mr. Christian was the consummate professional. He arrived ahead of schedule, followed our directions to the letter and exceeded our expectations in all areas. There were several events taking place in the hall that evening and ours was, by far, the best received by delegates. We are grateful to Mr. Hudnell for his services and would enthusiastically recommend him again.
Christian made our wedding! He gave the party great energy and no one stopped dancing. I’ve recommended him to numerous other couples for their wedding. His playlist was diverse and everyone had a great time!
— Brian - WEDDING DJ
Most creative, energetic dj I’ve worked with. DJ Hudd kept everyone dancing no matter their age or taste
— Melanie - WEDDING DJ
We decided on booking CHRISTIAN HUDD for our wedding. We met with him about a month before the wedding which was awesome experience on it’s own. He had an amazing vibe and made us feel comfortable about our music preferences. He was extremely positive and genuine. The day of the wedding seemed seamless with him being on the mic. Most of my guest were on the dance floor and he made sure it kept going. He did an amazing job! He was such a pleasure to work with. I would recommend him to anyone!
We decided to hire a DJ as a surprise for my daughter’s 17th birthday party, and turned to Yelp for recommendations. Ended up requesting DJ HUDD based on his bio and video and music preferences. He looked at my daughter’s Spotify playlist ahead of time to see what kind of music she liked. I only saw a little of his work because we sat outside to give the kids some freedom. But just by the sound (and the few times I peeked in) I could tell they were having a great time. DJ HUDD took requests from the kids as well, and she said he even danced with them. According to her and her friends, having him there made the party so much fun. We would definitely request him again the next time we need a DJ.

The company has great communication, and makes it very easy to get all the information you need, from DJ selection, lighting options, payment, etc.