-DJ HUDD is a 27-year-old, Los Angeles-based disk jockey who specializes in mixing, scratching, producing and creative composition. He is a graduate of the #1 rated school in the country, Scratch DJ Academy. DJ HUDD has been taught the art of mixing, made famous, by notorious DJs such as DJ Revolution, DJ Hapa, Dj Choc and DjVer5e. He has provided entertainment for a diverse range of events and audiences such as Weddings, Celebrity events, Disney, Universal Studios, Nickelodeon, Television, Corporate Event, Clubs, Lounges, Graduations, Birthdays, Holidays, Contests.

HUDD Became interested in becoming a DJ when he first listened to and watched DJ Q-bert battle for the DMC Championships. He has always been interested in the art and technique of turntables and becoming the next DMC Champion. HUDD began his DJ career back in college and began to DJ house and college parties.

DJ HUDD brings a unique, customized, energetic, and fresh approach to all genres. Music has been a life-long inspiration and passion and has actively explored multiple decades of music that influence his style today. Currently, DJ HUDD works on arrangements focused on all forms of Hip-Hop, Trap, EDM, and R&B sounds. He emphasizes his commitment toward bridging the gap between being a DJ with edge, fierceness, aggressiveness and finesse. He strives to be recognized as the DJ who creates a fresh, innovative look and sound that will revolutionize the art of djing.